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Happy Halloween!!

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How do you define beauty? Do you think that you really know what beauty is? Or do you let the daily barrage of what is fed to you through media define beauty for you?  Every culture tends to define it a little differently but textbook definition is that beauty generally is what is pleasing to the eye. That can vary from person to person. We should all know that true beauty goes beyond the skin's surface. Here is a good video called "The Evolution of Beauty". It shows how a woman is prepped for an ad campaign. I think it's very important for people to see especially young people who struggle with the whole notion that beauty should have a certain "look". Trying to model yourself up to images in the media can be a dangerous practice. Beauty comes in many forms.

I like the video's message that every girl should feel beautiful. It's important to remember that not everything you see is truly as it appears.  My message is that beauty may be in the…