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Tony Robbins' show "Breakthrough"

Self help author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins has a new TV show called "Breakthrough".  I believe that it was great timing to launch a show like this when we as a country are going through so many challenges.  Tony Robbins inspires and helps to show people how to take back control of your life.  He finds ways to help trigger the shift in people so that they can live a fuller life despite what they're going through.
If you haven't seen the premier, check it out here...

"The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you." - Tony Robbins

Our Peru Vacation Days 4-8

We did quite a bit of exploring. We checked out some of the things right around our hotel (yes the casinos, clubs & bars) and then spent the day at LarcoMar which is a large upscale shopping area full of restaurants and bars. While there we had lunch and then went for drinks at TGIFridays and watched the World Cup! Viva Espana!

After spending the day there we got lucky and met a friendly cab driver/tour guide named Francisco who spoke very good English.  Although my Spanish isn't terrible, it was really nice to run across him. He offered to give us a city tour which we took him up on on Tuesday.  But before that, on Monday we went on a trip outside of Lima to an area called Paracas via Cruz del Sur luxury bus line and toured Paracas Reserve...

Then on to a little fishing village for lunch called Lagunilla. The contrasting views of the desert meeting the sea were breathtaking. We even got a chance to see the famous area where "Planet of the Apes" shot the shocking end s…

Our Peru Vacation Days 1-3

Excitement had been building for months and we were finally set to take off on our Peruvian adventure. It turned out though that we ended up in Atlanta for the first 2 days of our trip due to lack of seats available on the flight. We discovered that there is just one Delta flight that goes down to Lima and when flying standby it's a gamble as to whether you will make it on.
The good part about being in ATL for a couple of days is that we got to spend time with family which was fun. We did dinner and drinks on both nights to officially start the pre-Peruvian fun. By the time day 3 rolled around it was "3rd times a charm" and we made it on board... 1st class baby! And boy was it awesome!! There's nothing like an international 1st class flight. Comfort, fine food, pampering by flight attendants, drinks, and more drinks. Thanks Cuz!!!

Our flight touched down at just before midnight and after making it through customs we were off to our hotel in Miraflores. Miraflores is a…

Dr. Ian Smith's 'Happy'

It's the start of another month and we are in the thick of Summertime.  The heat is on!  I've been staying cool though and taking each day in stride.  Choosing my battles and trying to remain balanced in all things.   This morning I saw a segment on Good Morning America with Dr. Ian Smith.  He has a new book out called "Happy".  This is a topic that I have posted about a few times.  I know there are a lot of people going through some tough times but you CAN be happy in the midst of challenges.  Here are some boosters from his book that I actually already practice that will help bring you happiness.
Commit 5 Acts of Kindness Each WeekKeep a Gratitude JournalWrite Someone a Thank You Letter and VisitSpend Money on Someone ElseStrengthen and Deepen Personal RelationshipsDevelop a Spiritual LifeForgive
YOUR HAPPY PLAN Each week perform three of the above happiness boosters.Each week read an article about a person, place, or thing that you don't already know.  Each mon…

"Brighter Day"

I heard this song on the way back from my workout this morning.  So inspiring!

"Brighter Day"
When I close my eyes and think of you And reminisce of all the things you do I can't imagine my life without you It's like paradise now I know that it's real (um) It's a mystery for someone to give their life just for me Whatcha did on Calvary makes me wanna love you more [Chorus] I never knew I could be so happy And I never knew I'd be so secure Because of your love, life has brand new meaning It's gonna be a brighter day, brighter day
Never thought that I would smile again Never thought the dark clouds would end Never thought that I would have a friend That would keep me never leave me alone Jesus you're my everything The only one that makes my heart sing (heart sing) Now I know what real love means its everlasting, lasting [Chorus times 2] Nothing can compare to the joy you bring And everlasting love affair Jesus my life will never be the same I found someone who truly care…