Our Peru Vacation Days 1-3

Excitement had been building for months and we were finally set to take off on our Peruvian adventure. It turned out though that we ended up in Atlanta for the first 2 days of our trip due to lack of seats available on the flight. We discovered that there is just one Delta flight that goes down to Lima and when flying standby it's a gamble as to whether you will make it on.
The good part about being in ATL for a couple of days is that we got to spend time with family which was fun. We did dinner and drinks on both nights to officially start the pre-Peruvian fun. By the time day 3 rolled around it was "3rd times a charm" and we made it on board... 1st class baby! And boy was it awesome!! There's nothing like an international 1st class flight. Comfort, fine food, pampering by flight attendants, drinks, and more drinks. Thanks Cuz!!!


Our flight touched down at just before midnight and after making it through customs we were off to our hotel in Miraflores. Miraflores is an upscale district where many tourists stay and play. It was a Saturday night so all the streets were full of people out on the town. Lima is a city of 10 million so you can just imagine.

We stayed in a lovely hotel called Thunderbird Fiesta Resort and Casino. The rooms were ginormous! In fact they aren't rooms, they're lofts. And the whole time we were there we didn't touch a single door handle outside of our room. The staff is attentive and treated us very well. Here's the video of our arrival.


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