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Planning for Travel

I am very excited to be planning a trip to Peru with hubby.  Thanks to one of my cousins who works for a major airline, we have been gifted some tickets to go there this Summer.  We'll be traveling to Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu.  

I had a past client who went to these areas and after seeing all of his travel photos, I immediately added it to my bucket list. 
Travel has always been a deeply fulfilling experience for me.  Travel and immersing myself into different cultures feeds my soul. 
The trek from Lima to Cusco and the sacred lost city of Machu Picchu will bring us close to nature and one of the great ancient areas of the world.  Being the history buff that I am, I am doing research on Andean, Incan, and Quechua culture.  In the Andean mythology Incas were considered descendants of the Sun and because of that they worshiped it annually with a huge celebration.  The Inca Empire of the the 13th Century lasted from 1438 - 1533.  Machu Picchu was an estate built honoring their em…

Feeling Drained?

If you are, it may be due to "energy vampires".  I'm feeling a bit drained myself this week.  Here's what Australia's leading motivational speaker and educator has to say about "energy vampires" and how to deal with them.  In addition to some of his tips I will be adding some extra meditation time in for myself for sure. 

"Dealing with Energy Vampires" by Craig Harper
They live among us.
In human form. To the untrained eye, it is almost impossible to tell the difference.
Typically they look like you and I.
But they’re not.
They’re not like us at all. They are Vampires and their modus operandi is not to steal your blood but rather, your precious energy.
Your life-force.
Your mojo.
To drain you emotionally and psychologically.
To frustrate you with their repetitious, self-indulgent, attention-seeking diatribe. They are often bitter, angry and resentful…. and they want you to share their pain.
They don’t want solutions, they want pity.
They don’t w…

Words of Wisdom - Will Smith Style

Here is a compilation of clips of one of my favorite actors, Will Smith.  It's no wonder he's successful.  He walks the talk, is passionate, and has extraordinary positive energy.  His words inspire.

Greatness exists in all of us.There is no shortcut to success.Lay one brick at a time. Focus on making a difference.Represent an idea and possibilities.You have to believe.Nothing is unrealistic.Your thoughts are physical.You really gotta focus.Attack your fears.Be willing to die for the truth.Protect your dream.
He who says he can, and he who says he can't are both usually right. - Confucius

My View

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon as I blog from my backyard terrace. The temperature is a perfect 70 degrees with a cool breeze. Just yesterday we were having torrential downpours of rain and other threatening weather. Now that the storms have passed, a new day is here and it's gorgeous! I'm sitting out here in peace with only the sound of the the fountain in our pond and the wind.

This week was a good one as they all are, but for some reason I had more of a challenge quieting the inner voice. I'm wondering what is next for me. I'm doing the necessary things inching forward but am still uncertain what is next. I continue to ask God for patience and to trust in Him that I am exactly where I should be.

Today I went over to my parents and watched the movie "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.  It's a documentary teaching about the importance of loving oneself, positive affirmations, and how these things can affect us and even heal us.  I enjoyed it …

We Are the World

Okay, I couldn't decide whether to post this here or to my Newz_Junkie blog because it's both inspirational and entertaining so I've posted it to both. If you want to smile, feel goosebumps rise on your skin, or possibly even shed a tear, watch this remake of "We Are The World". This is NOT the recently remade celebrity version for Haiti relief. This is a collaboration by Lisa Lavie of 57 artists from all over the world. I love the fact that everyone is SO different. This video shows great talent and the beautiful diverse collage of our world. After you watch it, be sure to play it again and click directly on the video screen over the artist that you want to know more about. It will then take you to their web page where you can hear more of their music. Many of them have remade other songs and those are really good as well.  Check it out and be inspired!

Shift from Ambition to Meaning

"The Shift" by Wayne Dyer is a movie essentially about letting go and letting God.  According to Dr. Dyer there is a quantum moment where the ego driven life changes and there's a realization that life has deeper meaning.  It is the shift from ambition to meaning, from a sense of entitlement to a sense of humility.
In the movie there are 3 story lines where various characters start to see their lives breakdown as they make that shift.  Dr. Dyer is also in the movie acting as himself  He narrates describing the meaning of this shift and all that is involved in understanding our true purpose. 

I found a copy of this movie online that I could link to so while it's still available please take some time out to watch  and let me know your thoughts.  Enjoy!

If the video embed below doesn't work try following this link
and then once there click "continue to video".
We are powerful beings who come from God, our source.  Trusting …