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Time Out To Observe Nature

Check out this stunning video!  One of my dearest friends shared this with me.  Nature is so very interesting and beautiful to me.

The Drama Codependent

I felt the need to write a post on this topic because I know people who may be currently suffering with this.  As they say, "knowledge is power" and if "you know better, you do better" (hopefully).  Maybe this bit of information that I share here will help.

So what is a drama codependent?  This is someone who is so used to having so much constant negative drama in their life that they don't recognize peace when it shows up as a pleasant or desirable place to be and remain.

Some people are quite frankly addicted to what's called "excited misery".  After a while some become so used to involving their emotions with problems and crises that they get and stay involved in situations some of which may not even be or should be their concern.  Some even start making troubles greater than they actually are to create stimulation for themselves.  

When the drama codependent DOES detach from the drama situation and their life becomes somewhat peaceful, they crave…