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Sluggish Start to my A.M.

This morning's workout was tough! Usually after I'm into it for 15 minutes or so some endorphins kick in and then I'm on my way but not this time. I was fatigued throughout the whole workout. Strange as it sounds though, I knew I'd feel better after getting it done and I was right! Good news is I'm coming up on a couple of rest days so I plan on doing just that.

I'm Content

I haven't taken a poll on this but I'm often surprised at the reaction I get when many people hear me say that I'm happy & content. Maybe some who are feeling such great dissatisfaction or insecurity in their lives make assumptions that everyone else must be as miserable as they are.
Since I know that there will never be a "perfect" situation and I can never be a perfect person. I'm not waiting to achieve certain goals in order to be happy. Although I have goals I'm working towards, I can still love me right where I am.

I believe that we face challenges in life to build character and strengths that we may otherwise lack if everything flowed our way just the way we wanted it to. I try always to make the most of my situations whether bad or good, practice compassion, love myself and others unconditionally. I have made a conscious choice to be content.

This isn't a place that you arrive at instantly. Much of it is internal work. Being still wi…

Participated in my first Corporate 5k & finished in 54 mins.