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Fun At An Orlando Magic Game

Despite how the game ended, Hubby and I had a great time at the Orlando Magic game vs the San Antonio Spurs. It was a close game with some hot moments in the final seconds. A bonus to the fun was that we were able to enjoy the game from the City of Orlando Suite so the food and drinks were constantly flowing. The view of the court was awesome!

Treadmill Dance

One day I hope to be this good on the treadmill. :)

A Life Saved

I'm a lover of nature and wildlife and this has got to be one of the best videos I've seen in a while.  Please take the time to watch how a whale's life is saved and the appreciation it shows in return.

Wrapping Up 2011

2011 is in the rear view mirror now.  Fortunately Hubby and I were able to spend the last two weekends of the year getting our travel fix.

Christmas weekend we enjoyed the mountains in Lake Tahoe.

New Year's weekend in Las Vegas!

From the slopes to the poker tables we always enjoy meeting people from interesting places around the world. I hope and pray for more adventures in the new year.  Happy New Year to you all.