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It's My Day Off??

Looks like my video and audio aren't synced...sorry!  ;)
So, have YOU ever showed up on your day off?  If so, tell me about it.

22 Years

We just celebrated 22 years of marriage.  That's a long time to share a life with someone.  Some relationships don't make it nearly half that length of time.

We have had more than our fair share of challenges but somehow...WAIT, by the grace of God...the Universe...fate...the Force...the Source...whatever your belief system is, we overcame and made it to this point.  It has taken a lot of love, tolerance, forgiveness, and patience on both our parts but thankfully it has all gone in our favor.  We have collaborated, drifted apart, and rejoined countless times but our common goal has always seemed to be to love each other as unconditionally as possible and to withstand TOGETHERNESS!

I have learned so much on this journey called marriage and I'm looking forward to the journey that lies ahead.

Making a Cappuccino with my New Keurig Rivo

One of my favorite beverages is a cappuccino. I discovered my first one at a Starbucks in Lima, Peru and every since, I have one at least one per week. Well, as time went on there would be times I found myself having them more and more often until I started setting a little "Starbucks" budget. That is until now!

 I decided to take a chance and buy a Keurig Rivo cappuccino maker and I'm SO glad that I did. I have had the Rivo for about a month now and have not been to Starbucks since. I'm not saying that I won't ever go back to Starbucks but it will be a lot less.

Below is a Periscope broadcast I did showing how easy it is to prepare one.  If you aren't familiar with Periscope it's where folks tune in to watch your live broadcast and chat to you in the process.

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Back from Our Cali Trip: A Thank You Message and Periscope Lessons Learned


Our Week in Cali

We had such an awesome time in Long Beach and San Diego.  Here are some pics, videos, and Live Periscopes we did while we were there...

The Panarama Lounge in our hotel in Long Beach.

Seal Beach Pier, Long Beach

Whale Watching and other Sea Life Cruise

Periscoping at our hotel...
San Diego Zoo

Cute sea otter!

Feeding camels...

Driving to Torrey Pines

Relaxing at Mission Beach (video to come)

Staying In My Sweet Spot

I am so grateful for this life and all of it's many blessings.


Had a lovely quick visit to Jamaica! Flying down and surprising my man was a thrill. Although I wasn't there for all the festivities of the family reunion, I still got to enjoy the finale.