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Oprah’s Lifeclass Questions

Ponder some of these daily questions and check out the answers given by others on Oprah's Lifeclass wall.  I believe that answering some of these may be a great way to propel yourself forward positively into the coming new year.

106,567 answers Today's Question:What do you now believe is possible?
How will you make it real?
Lesson 25: You've Always Had The Power 5,611 answers More ClassesOverall, how would you describe the energy you’re putting out into the world and how is it coming back to you? Lesson 24: Newton's Third Law 2,551 answers If you were giving your Last Lecture—your best piece of advice for appreciating life—what would it be? Lesson 23: Slow Down 3,470 answers Your spending is a reflection of what you value.
What do your purchases say about your life?
Lesson 22: The Plague of America