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Starting My Week


Losing Mom

I lost my mother a few weeks ago to cancer. Although it was expected, it happened WAY faster than any of us thought. I come from a line of mostly long-livers on both sides of the family so in our eyes she died young.  I have been on quite the emotional roller coaster, my own and other family members' which has proven quite stressful. Oh yeah, on top of it I have a marriage, home, and job to maintain which makes it even more challenging. This is new territory for me because although I have experienced the loss of close family members, it's my first time losing a mother...the woman who brought me life.  I also haven't really had a direct role in some of the responsibilities dealing with after-life business to tie up until now. When you're in that role, it's a constant battle of keeping up with what needs to be done while managing all the emotions and dealing with the emotions of other family members.  Plus, I don't always know what to do so I'…