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Trying Out Android

I thought I'd NEVER leave Blackberry but I did. I just got the new LG Escape smartphone and it's actually very nice. I cheated a little though and got to test it out for month before buying.

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The Escape measures 4.96 by 2.54 by 0.37 inches and weighs just 4.5 ounces. It's made of shiny black plastic with a light pattern printed on the back and a smoked chrome ring around the battery cover and display and looks and feels like a quality device. The design is minimalist-sleek. There's a volume rocker on the left edge, a power button on the right, a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top, and a microUSB port on the bottom. That's it. 

There's about half an inch of bezel on either side of the 4.3-inch, 960-by-540-pixel IPS LCD, which looks beautiful. It gets very bright, and its 256 pixel-per-inch density makes for sharp text and images. The phone is light and comfortable to hold, and typing in both portrait and landscape mode is fast and fluid. It …

Our Close Encounter with Devil's Tower National Monument

We had a lovely hike around Devil's Tower. Here are some of the Native American legends regarding this sacred land.

Arapaho Legend
An Arapaho lodge was camped at Bears Tipi. The father of this lodge was a head lodge and had seven children, five boys and two girls. The two girls had made an arrangement between themselves that the one who found the end bond (end rib) of a buffalo should receive the most favors from the brothers. The boys often made trips to other tribes. After a long search one of the girls found an end bone of a buffalo and on picking it up she turned into a bear and made some big scratches on her sister's back. The bear-girl told her sister, "if you tell the dogs will howl and this will be a signal so I will know that you have told." The sister did tell her brothers and when they heard the dogs howl and give the signal they were scared and started to run.
The bear-girl heard the signal and ran after them. The girl who had told was carrying a ball in her…

A Halloween Surprise!

This gave us quite a surprise while visiting The Lodge at Deadwood Gaming Casino  in Deadwood, South Dakota.