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Down But Not Out

Unfortunately we were the recent victims of a burglary. It's a strange feeling to come home and see your things scattered everywhere and valuables missing. It happened during the day when nobody was home.

We did the whole police report thing and they took fingerprints. Our HOA President also pulled video. So we'll see what comes of the investigation.

For now we have re-secured our home and beefed up our security system. Yes it sucks to go through this and the feeling of being violated is very real but we're staying positive and are grateful that no one was hurt. There have been a lot of home invasions across our city and many have happened when folks are at home so it could have been worse. Thank goodness it wasn't.

My advice after going through this experience is to secure your residence as best you can, take pictures of all your valuables, and take down serial numbers of all electronics. It will help in reporting and might help in recovering your belongin…

It's The God In Me

What's my secret? It's the God in me...

How We Watch TV & Movies

These days the computer functions as the DVD and DVR player.