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I'm Thankful

I can't believe the holidays are upon us already.  This year has flown and we're just days away from Thanksgiving!  If there's one thing I have been mindful of over this year it is to never wait for a specific day to give thanks. Don't wait for a national holiday to show gratitude to those in your life who have been there for you or for the simple but ultra important things like waking up and air to breathe.  Be thankful each and every day for all of your many blessings.   For some this is a traditional time for family reunion and to get caught up with distant relatives and friends.  For others this time of year is not so easy or may even be painful so my heart really goes out to them.

The challenge for all is to realize that no matter what may be going on in your life, you always have something to be grateful for. But  please keep in mind that there are those who are less fortunate. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Never stop thanking those around you for eve…

Life = Risk


Pass It On

Do you sometimes feel like people in our society are getting more and more disrespectful, rude, or insensitive? Well I recently saw a TV commercial that touched me from the Foundation For a Better Life.  The Foundation for a Better Life promotes positive values with the belief that people are basically good and just need a reminder and that the values we live by are worth more when we pass them on. I believe this too!

Check out a few of my favorite Pass It On commercials.


Good Manners

Including Others

Good Stuff


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You can check out more TV spots at and don't forget to PASS IT ON!

It's Election Day!

Today is the day to vote in the mid-term elections. Thanks to all who fought for the rights of women and people of color in the passage of the 15th and 19th Amendments which makes it possible for me to exercise my right this morning.

Please exercise YOUR right to VOTE today!