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Do you sometimes feel like people in our society are getting more and more disrespectful, rude, or insensitive? Well I recently saw a TV commercial that touched me from the Foundation For a Better Life.  The Foundation for a Better Life promotes positive values with the belief that people are basically good and just need a reminder and that the values we live by are worth more when we pass them on. I believe this too!

Check out a few of my favorite Pass It On commercials.


Good Manners

Including Others

Good Stuff


What do you believe is most influential in the development of today's values?

You can check out more TV spots at and don't forget to PASS IT ON!


  1. As children are exposed to "value" questions while they grow up, the family structure is either supportive or subversive in their feedback regarding each situation. Often times, this "inherited" sense of values seems to then become the child's truth as well. Great news if the values of the family are positive, but too often the negative aspects of today's world can warp those perceptions of values. And even more sad is the fact that major consequences are usually paid before those values are reconsidered - if ever.

  2. kids act and react like their family cause that's what they see most and usually first..... They inherit their customs, speech, gestures, manners and so on..... so it really helps for parents and other relatives to set a good example for the kids, so they'll grow up to be a better person.

  3. @R and @DutchP - thank you both for your comments.
    Ironically today after writing this post I went out and had both a rude and positive experience pertaining to this topic. I was driving up to the airport and a man with his two daughters flagged me down to ask me for directions (as he was talking on his cell phone). He asked me a series of questions & as I answered them, he rattled it off verbatim to whomever he was on the phone with. Then turned to walk away without even saying "thank you" or at the very least give eye contact or a smile. I yelled out my car window "You're Welcome!" and he still did not even turn around. One of his kids turned around though with a confused look.
    Within virtually the same span of time in the near distance I saw a young security guy who's only job is to keep cars moving from the passenger pickup lane...he took the time to walk 2 elderly fragile people to their car. He then came over to my car and rather than rudely tell me to get going, he said he noticed I had circled a few times and asked if he could assist me in locating my party. It was above and beyond and I let him know it was appreciated and that his earlier behavior was noticed. It's sad that courteous behavior has become so rare.


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