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Are you the Oak or the Willow?

Are you the Oak or the Willow?
It’s important to realize that how you deal with life's challenges can determine how you’ll come out on the other side of them.Will you be stressed out to the point of getting sick or will you ride out the storm virtually unscathed?
So let’s look at the Oak and the Willow trees.The Oak tree is looked upon as a very sturdy tree that can seemingly weather many storms.But because they are so rigid when winds become too strong branches can break off.The Willow on the other hand is very flexible.Their branches can bend and move with the strongest of wind.However, any tree without its roots firmly planted can completely topple over.
So I ask you to ponder these questions…are you an Oak or a Willow?Are your roots firmly planted?Are you taking life’s hits and losing branches and being blown over?Or are you flexible and able to deal with all of life’s crazy changes?Are you firmly planted with roots of faith or are you whipping around in the stormy wind taking …