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Feeling Lost?

"Sometimes lost is where you need to be.  Just because you don't know your direction, doesn't mean you don't have one."  ~ Unknown


I just sent this letter out to some of my friends which pretty much expresses my feelings about Google+:
Subject:  Come'on in the water is fine

Hello, I'm now at Google+ and am preferring it (so far) over Facebook.  I'm not saying that I am totally abandoning Facebook because obviously you still see me posting there and I still have client accounts that I manage there. But the whole thing about everybody being my "friend" in Facebook didn't make sense.  Many are coworkers, some are family, some are acquaintances, and a select few are true friends. I've even had some friends who deactivated their Facebook accounts out of shear frustration over privacy concerns or the clunkiness of it's interface.  Then there are my Twitter folks that I never invited into my Facebook in the first place because I wanted to separate my global contacts with the locals.  I just didn't feel it necessary, nor did I want to send a blanket message to them all.��������…

A Few Thoughts on Death

I have been observing quite a few friends, family, and others in how they react to the death of a loved one or of someone they revere.  When someone you love is no longer here physically with you it's understandable to grieve and miss them deeply.  Maybe it's because of my faith but I truly believe that when we leave this Earth it is not final for us.  Death IS the great mystery isn't it?  Where do we go from here?  I am always much more sad for those who are left behind than for those who have passed on. 
There is something else that I've often pondered.  If someone has passed on, why do people visit grave sites?  Isn't it the belief of many faiths that they are no longer in that body?  So why visit them there?  In remembrance of someone shouldn't you celebrate their birth date instead of having a somber commemoration on their death date?  Doesn't it make more sense to hang out in places where the person was in life, instead of after the body has expired.…

I'm Such a Sci-Fi Nut

I didn't really realize it until this past year just how much of a sci-fi nut I am.  
During my career transition (yes I've transitioned...*wink wink) I have been able to find more free time so I decided to seek out a lot of old shows I never watched.  It's amazing that when you have a less stressful existence, you tend to allow yourself the time to enjoy some of life's little pleasures.  So I decided to indulge in my sci-fi pleasures.  I am SO thankful for the internet because it is where I've found all these old episodes that I never saw when they originally aired.  Here are some of my favorites:

The only one of these that is still airing right now is "Fringe".  All others came to an end or their seasons were cut extremely short just as they were, in my opinion, starting to pick up steam.  It almost makes me hesitant to get emotionally invested in the new ones that start up for fear of it going away without a meaningful conclusion.  But ratings ru…