A Few Thoughts on Death

I have been observing quite a few friends, family, and others in how they react to the death of a loved one or of someone they revere.  When someone you love is no longer here physically with you it's understandable to grieve and miss them deeply.  Maybe it's because of my faith but I truly believe that when we leave this Earth it is not final for us.  Death IS the great mystery isn't it?  Where do we go from here?  I am always much more sad for those who are left behind than for those who have passed on. 

There is something else that I've often pondered.  If someone has passed on, why do people visit grave sites?  Isn't it the belief of many faiths that they are no longer in that body?  So why visit them there?  In remembrance of someone shouldn't you celebrate their birth date instead of having a somber commemoration on their death date?  Doesn't it make more sense to hang out in places where the person was in life, instead of after the body has expired.  It's just a thought that I've always had.

For me personally I feel that we should celebrate a person's life and how they touched us in positive ways.  Maybe even have a party instead of having a somber occasion.  I'm all about uplifting the soul whether in this life or in the next, not burying it.  I want to focus on the hopes and journey of that soul and not any of our own personal fears of the unknown.  These are simply just a few thoughts I've had.  If you have any, feel free to share.



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