I'm Such a Sci-Fi Nut

I didn't really realize it until this past year just how much of a sci-fi nut I am.  

During my career transition (yes I've transitioned...*wink wink) I have been able to find more free time so I decided to seek out a lot of old shows I never watched.  It's amazing that when you have a less stressful existence, you tend to allow yourself the time to enjoy some of life's little pleasures.  So I decided to indulge in my sci-fi pleasures.  I am SO thankful for the internet because it is where I've found all these old episodes that I never saw when they originally aired.  Here are some of my favorites:

The only one of these that is still airing right now is "Fringe".  All others came to an end or their seasons were cut extremely short just as they were, in my opinion, starting to pick up steam.  It almost makes me hesitant to get emotionally invested in the new ones that start up for fear of it going away without a meaningful conclusion.  But ratings rule and that is the only thing that networks care about.  

I think these shows are so much fun to watch.  They can be over the top but I enjoy the fantasy of it all and they stimulate my imagination.  It's also a form of escapism I suppose.

So are you into Sci-Fi?  If so what are some of the shows you like?  Leave your thoughts in the comments. 


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