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Getting Back Up

Have you ever had one of those days or one of those weeks even when you feel like all of your efforts are leading to dead ends? I periodically feel that way but I know that I cannot give up on my goals. It doesn't mean that I don't take a break to reflect on things and see if I could improve on my process but I know that I must press on.

While I was in the middle of one of these, I'll call them "episodes", I received a tweet on Twitter about this man who has no arms or legs but is happy. Imagine that! It seems hard to believe doesn't it? I mean, those parts of your body are essential for getting most things done. Well, I saw this video and was amazed at how this man is getting A LOT done and is living his life quite well despite his situation. Take a peek at it and be inspired!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that you may need a tissue while watching that video. :)
If you'd like to check out more videos of Nick Vujicic go to http://www.lifewithoutlim…

Inspiration from a Bully Victim

This video had me shedding tears. It's the story of 13 year old Nadin Khoury of Pennsylvania who was terrorized by a group of teens. Bullying has been somewhat in the forefront of news but I believe it isn't enough to just be aware of it.  We as a community need to do everything possible to stop this whenever and wherever we see it happening. I commend this young man on his courage to come forward to tell his story and bring more awareness to what we in our society can and should do.  Check out this video of his appearance on The View and what the ladies of The View did for him.

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