Getting Back Up

Have you ever had one of those days or one of those weeks even when you feel like all of your efforts are leading to dead ends? I periodically feel that way but I know that I cannot give up on my goals. It doesn't mean that I don't take a break to reflect on things and see if I could improve on my process but I know that I must press on.

While I was in the middle of one of these, I'll call them "episodes", I received a tweet on Twitter about this man who has no arms or legs but is happy. Imagine that! It seems hard to believe doesn't it? I mean, those parts of your body are essential for getting most things done. Well, I saw this video and was amazed at how this man is getting A LOT done and is living his life quite well despite his situation. Take a peek at it and be inspired!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that you may need a tissue while watching that video. :)
If you'd like to check out more videos of Nick Vujicic go to



  1. Very powerful message


  2. I'm afraid to watch the video because stories like that tear me up. But I get it. Even on our hardest days you can find that someone else is having a harder day. It's just a matter of keeping things in perspective at times...



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