The definition of intuition is the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; a perceptive insight.
I refer to it as gut feelings or instinctive behavior.  An intuition can be a good or bad feeling or even an instantaneous response to something without knowing why.
I dare to say that whenever I have acted (or not) on gut instinct I have rarely ever been steered wrong. So what's that all about and why don't we follow this more often? Well, for one thing, it isn't always seen as a rational act. It doesn't always make sense. But what I'm finding more and more as I get older and listen more to my innards, I trust that I have an innate ability to read situations and people with great accuracy. There have been times that I have been very compelled to do something for a reason that I couldn’t quite define that turned out to be a very smart move.  Honing in on this ability means being very in touch with yourself. Unfortunately there are those who have certain traumas, prejudices, or a closed-mind that can affect accuracy.  Recognizing and then working to resolve those issues can help in making better judgment calls.  The key is to be positively in-tuned in mind and body.  Check out the below video excerpt of  Dr. Judith Orloff and let me know your thoughts or share an experience you've had where intuition played a part in decision making.


  1. Good article..I wonder what your intuition was about :)

  2. Intuition is a very important tool to help us in making better choices. It is that quiet inner voice that is connected to spirit. When we allow spirit to guide us, we have all we need to make the choices we need to make in our lives. The difficulty lies in our limited beliefs that block us from receiving the divine guidance that is available to us. The more we grow spiritually, the better able are we to let go of those limited beliefs and then we are able to intuitively move successfully through our lives.

  3. Well put! Too often we don't trust our gut and go with Status Quo or what is considered normal. I believe this puts us into a rut and makes us complacent. You gotta shake things up from time to time and get out of the ruts, they are too bumpy as it is and the road to happiness is much smoother.... Russell

  4. there is a path you have to grow up following the path of the crowd, when you get older you notice that path doesn't always feel right. Once you dare to follow your instincts on that and go your own way, you're free. Once you are free you get inner peace wich means you're happy. Once you are happy you can get succesful..... Eventhough I hit rock bottom at the moment by making my own intuitive choices, i am free, therefore i'm happy, so i'm on the path to succes :-)


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