Spread Smiles

How often do you smile?  Have you ever spent a whole day smiling?  I've done this and it's very interesting what happens.  If you smile at everyone that you come in contact with throughout your day no matter what, it's infectious.  Most people return a smile with a smile.  Of course not everyone is in a good mood but it's quite possible and probable that you can brighten that person's day with your smile and positive energy.
Scientific studies show through high-tech medical imaging that the sight of a smiling face makes the brain of an outgoing person light up more than that of a person who may be shy.
And laughter produces an adaptive response to stress by creating perspective and improving relationships.  Recent discoveries lend scientific credibility that when when you give a genuine smile that isn't forced it serves as both a physical and emotional release of tension. When you smile, you not only make yourself happy, but you also improve the psychological atmosphere of those around you.  So go out and spread some smiles today!


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