Opening Ceremonies

This week has been one mostly of meditation for me...focus on breathing, focus on my heartbeat, and focus on receiving positive energy.  I have also been doing some independent research and consulting for businesses which has been very fulfilling.  It's truly been another wonderful week.  But tonight one of my favorite events will take place...The Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies!
I love the Olympics not just because of the obvious competitive sports but because of its grand scale of international collaboration.  The ceremony traditionally begins with the hoisting of the host country's flag, singing of their national anthem and a performance of music, dance, and theatrics unique to their culture and talents. 
Afterwards all the athletes from countries around the world who are taking part in the games parade into the arena with their flags.  The finale is the lighting of the arena's cauldron.  

The Olympic games are a time that for two weeks many nations of the world are united to celebrate their hard work and talents.  It's extremely competitive but shows great unity of diversity which is an inspiring event.  Go USA!

Olympic flag photo courtesy of Makaristos
Olympic stadium photo courtesy of
Torch photo courtesy of


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