A Dream

I had an interesting dream last night that I decided to share in a recent coaching session. As you know, dreams can be all over the place and don't always make sense but this one proved to have strong symbolism and gave some insight to my present thought processes. Here's how the dream played out...

I was walking down a busy street in a big beautiful city carrying a file that contained a few papers and some folded money. My mood was happy and I was headed to a specific destination. I came upon a road block where I would need to go to the left or to the right. At this point I wasn't sure which way to go. I asked someone for directions and was told that if I went in the direction to the left it would be a detour that would take me back to the main road I needed to be on. So I went left. The atmosphere changed a bit and the area seemed to be a rougher area which made me a little anxious and uncomfortable but I kept going. There was a girl walking just ahead of me in business clothes like me who I decided to ask for further verification that I was headed in the right direction. She said that she was in fact headed to the same destination as me. We struck up a bit of conversation and I discovered that coincidentally she was from my hometown, so we decided to walk together. Suddenly a homeless man standing on the side of the path came up to me and bumped me but I bumped him back and kept moving forward. This was my attempt to display to him and others that I had no fear and wouldn't be pushed around. Then another strange man walked up and bumped me and I bumped him back as well and kept moving forward. Then an older lady who didn't look like a homeless type but a well-kept woman came up and stood in my way blocking me from moving forward. She bumped me but I didn't bump back.  I tried to just step to the side to go around her but she moved to the side as well in front of me to keep me from moving forward. She bumped me again and suddenly the money that was inside the file slid out onto the ground and the wind blew it backward down the sidewalk. Several homeless people scrambled for it and it was obvious they had no plan of giving back to me. At that point I decided that it wasn't worth getting hurt and somehow reasoned that they probably needed it more than me. The girl who was walking with me had paused up ahead and looked back telling me that she would loan me money if I needed it which was a very nice gesture and I knew also that once I had access to an ATM I could pay her back. So I proceeded forward with her. Strangely, the older lady who had caused this incident had disappeared.

It is not the job of a life coach to interpret dreams but mine indulged me a bit and was able to draw some parallels to Energy Leadership Levels 1-3 that he has been teaching me based on reactions and decisions I made in the dream. Here is a brief summary of energy levels 1-3:

Energy Level 1
This lowest level of energy is catabolic and usually means that you might be victim to certain events, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and perceptions that hold you back from success.

Energy Level 2
Level 2 energy is also catabolic and is surrounded in conflict, with the core emotion being anger. This energy contains thinking of antagonism, struggle, and defiance.

Energy Level 3
This level is the first level of anabolic energy. At this level, people take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, and actions, and know that what they think and feel is up to them, not others. The focus of Level 3 energy is on winning. The difference between this and Level 2 is that the intention of those operating from a Level 3 perspective is to have the other person win as well, but only after securing the win for themselves. Level 3 leaders are masters at rationalization. They will motivate themselves and others by finding ways to cope, release, forgive, and explain away resentment, stress, disappointments, and other burdens in order to encourage cooperation and productivity.

Overall I felt the dream was a positive one essentially showing me that no matter what obstacles I may encounter on my life's path, I need to waste as little energy as possible on obstacles, press on, keep my eye on the prize, realize the blessings along the way, and keep moving forward to the desired destination.

Image courtesy: www.soundwordsministries.com/2008/06


  1. Lately, I haven't had too many dreams but your dream was very interesting.


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