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Oprah’s Lifeclass Questions

Ponder some of these daily questions and check out the answers given by others on Oprah's Lifeclass wall.  I believe that answering some of these may be a great way to propel yourself forward positively into the coming new year.

106,567 answers Today's Question:What do you now believe is possible?
How will you make it real?
Lesson 25: You've Always Had The Power 5,611 answers More ClassesOverall, how would you describe the energy you’re putting out into the world and how is it coming back to you? Lesson 24: Newton's Third Law 2,551 answers If you were giving your Last Lecture—your best piece of advice for appreciating life—what would it be? Lesson 23: Slow Down 3,470 answers Your spending is a reflection of what you value.
What do your purchases say about your life?
Lesson 22: The Plague of America

Time Out To Observe Nature

Check out this stunning video!  One of my dearest friends shared this with me.  Nature is so very interesting and beautiful to me.

The Drama Codependent

I felt the need to write a post on this topic because I know people who may be currently suffering with this.  As they say, "knowledge is power" and if "you know better, you do better" (hopefully).  Maybe this bit of information that I share here will help.

So what is a drama codependent?  This is someone who is so used to having so much constant negative drama in their life that they don't recognize peace when it shows up as a pleasant or desirable place to be and remain.

Some people are quite frankly addicted to what's called "excited misery".  After a while some become so used to involving their emotions with problems and crises that they get and stay involved in situations some of which may not even be or should be their concern.  Some even start making troubles greater than they actually are to create stimulation for themselves.  

When the drama codependent DOES detach from the drama situation and their life becomes somewhat peaceful, they crave…

Feeling Lost?

"Sometimes lost is where you need to be.  Just because you don't know your direction, doesn't mean you don't have one."  ~ Unknown


I just sent this letter out to some of my friends which pretty much expresses my feelings about Google+:
Subject:  Come'on in the water is fine

Hello, I'm now at Google+ and am preferring it (so far) over Facebook.  I'm not saying that I am totally abandoning Facebook because obviously you still see me posting there and I still have client accounts that I manage there. But the whole thing about everybody being my "friend" in Facebook didn't make sense.  Many are coworkers, some are family, some are acquaintances, and a select few are true friends. I've even had some friends who deactivated their Facebook accounts out of shear frustration over privacy concerns or the clunkiness of it's interface.  Then there are my Twitter folks that I never invited into my Facebook in the first place because I wanted to separate my global contacts with the locals.  I just didn't feel it necessary, nor did I want to send a blanket message to them all.��������…

A Few Thoughts on Death

I have been observing quite a few friends, family, and others in how they react to the death of a loved one or of someone they revere.  When someone you love is no longer here physically with you it's understandable to grieve and miss them deeply.  Maybe it's because of my faith but I truly believe that when we leave this Earth it is not final for us.  Death IS the great mystery isn't it?  Where do we go from here?  I am always much more sad for those who are left behind than for those who have passed on. 
There is something else that I've often pondered.  If someone has passed on, why do people visit grave sites?  Isn't it the belief of many faiths that they are no longer in that body?  So why visit them there?  In remembrance of someone shouldn't you celebrate their birth date instead of having a somber commemoration on their death date?  Doesn't it make more sense to hang out in places where the person was in life, instead of after the body has expired.…

I'm Such a Sci-Fi Nut

I didn't really realize it until this past year just how much of a sci-fi nut I am.  
During my career transition (yes I've transitioned...*wink wink) I have been able to find more free time so I decided to seek out a lot of old shows I never watched.  It's amazing that when you have a less stressful existence, you tend to allow yourself the time to enjoy some of life's little pleasures.  So I decided to indulge in my sci-fi pleasures.  I am SO thankful for the internet because it is where I've found all these old episodes that I never saw when they originally aired.  Here are some of my favorites:

The only one of these that is still airing right now is "Fringe".  All others came to an end or their seasons were cut extremely short just as they were, in my opinion, starting to pick up steam.  It almost makes me hesitant to get emotionally invested in the new ones that start up for fear of it going away without a meaningful conclusion.  But ratings ru…

Are you the Oak or the Willow?

Are you the Oak or the Willow?
It’s important to realize that how you deal with life's challenges can determine how you’ll come out on the other side of them.Will you be stressed out to the point of getting sick or will you ride out the storm virtually unscathed?
So let’s look at the Oak and the Willow trees.The Oak tree is looked upon as a very sturdy tree that can seemingly weather many storms.But because they are so rigid when winds become too strong branches can break off.The Willow on the other hand is very flexible.Their branches can bend and move with the strongest of wind.However, any tree without its roots firmly planted can completely topple over.
So I ask you to ponder these questions…are you an Oak or a Willow?Are your roots firmly planted?Are you taking life’s hits and losing branches and being blown over?Or are you flexible and able to deal with all of life’s crazy changes?Are you firmly planted with roots of faith or are you whipping around in the stormy wind taking …

Friendship Found But Not Lost

Do you have any close friendships where you don't keep in touch on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis? 
Well, I have a few friendships like this where there may even be a year or more time between our contact.  It's amazing how all of that time can go by, but once we reconnect, it's as if no time ever passed. Of course there is lots to catch up on but what I mean is, there is the feeling that we haven't lost the deeper connection.
If you have a friendship like this, feel free to leave a comment and share. It's not an easy thing to explain but it's a beautiful thing to know that the spiritual connections remain regardless of time and space. Ironically, today I reconnected with a very close friend after a long time and it inspired me to post on this topic.
For all of my friends whom I share this special bond with, I love you and look forward to the next time we meet again.

My Visit to CNN Center


Virtual Work

I just read an article on how working virtually can increase happiness.  I can attest to this because I have been doing it for a little over a year.  The ability to totally structure my days and weeks exactly how I want to has been awesome.  Working virtually can mean working from home, the patio, or cafes.  Technology has made it so much easier to do these days.  But it does take a lot of discipline because you can be just as much or even more distracted being outside of an office.  Settling into a routine, keeping a good calendar, and staying on task is key.
Here's an excerpt from the article...
Working virtually and flexibly are facts of life for many of us. For some it’s a blessing, for some a curse and for many it just is what it is–the way the world is going. For those of us who manage people virtually there are two questions: a) can working remotely make us happier, and 2) do the bean counters and policy makers care about our happiness so long as the work gets done?


I was surfing music videos on YouTube and found this video someone made of Natasha Bedingfield's song, "Unwritten".  I've heard it many times before but the lyrics stayed with me longer than normal.  The song really spoke to my heart so I've posted it here.  Check out the lyrics...

Drench yourself in words unspoken Live your life with arms wide open Today is where your book begins The rest is still unwritten

Video from JustMissNothing


I recently watched a really good episode of  "Master Class" and it was about Oprah.  In one segment, she spoke of "surrendering" and it stuck with me.  It is so true that when you have done all that you can do regarding just about any situation, you have to surrender and let go.  What will be will be.  It's almost like I have to keep reminding myself of that because I have all these aspirations and goals that I work really hard toward and if I don't see results when I think I should, I think there is something wrong.  So I go back to the drawing board, research, seek advisement, struggle and push on.  At times it feels like I'm grinding to no avail.  But on the other hand, I've noticed that with some things that I do, I get results just doing the necessary and then letting it be.  It's like I didn't have to force it, it just seemingly fell into place.  So maybe there is something to the whole "surrendering" thing.  It's just n…

Your Future

How do you see your future technologically speaking?  I guess it would depend on your generation what your expectations are.  To some the cartoon "The Jetsons" was how the future may look.

To others the future was the ability to travel in space and have hand-held communication devices.  We have accomplished those things and so much more.

So what's next?  What can we dream up next and bring to reality.
A friend of mine sent me this awesome Corning video with their version of the future.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

For someone like me who is a gadget freak, these possibilities REALLY got me excited.  This video demonstrates great vision by Corning.  I'm looking forward to seeing these things come to fruition.


Skyrocketing prices in goods and services, joblessness, political battles, wars, natural disasters.  Day by day we all go head-to-head with our own personal challenges big and small. These are trying times.

But observing how the Japanese people have reacted in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami really made me sit up and take notice.  There has been little if any looting and no rioting.  People wait in orderly lines outside stores and gas stations.

They see the workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant who are trying to keep the plant from melting down as doing their job not as heroes like we might because they are risking their lives.  I did a little research and found out that the difference between American and Japanese culture is that Japanese culture encourages cooperation and discourages self-interest.It is deeply ingrained in them from birth.  Americans value self-determination, individuality, independence, and a strong sense of self, very much opposite of Japan…

Getting Back Up

Have you ever had one of those days or one of those weeks even when you feel like all of your efforts are leading to dead ends? I periodically feel that way but I know that I cannot give up on my goals. It doesn't mean that I don't take a break to reflect on things and see if I could improve on my process but I know that I must press on.

While I was in the middle of one of these, I'll call them "episodes", I received a tweet on Twitter about this man who has no arms or legs but is happy. Imagine that! It seems hard to believe doesn't it? I mean, those parts of your body are essential for getting most things done. Well, I saw this video and was amazed at how this man is getting A LOT done and is living his life quite well despite his situation. Take a peek at it and be inspired!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that you may need a tissue while watching that video. :)
If you'd like to check out more videos of Nick Vujicic go to http://www.lifewithoutlim…

Inspiration from a Bully Victim

This video had me shedding tears. It's the story of 13 year old Nadin Khoury of Pennsylvania who was terrorized by a group of teens. Bullying has been somewhat in the forefront of news but I believe it isn't enough to just be aware of it.  We as a community need to do everything possible to stop this whenever and wherever we see it happening. I commend this young man on his courage to come forward to tell his story and bring more awareness to what we in our society can and should do.  Check out this video of his appearance on The View and what the ladies of The View did for him.

New BB! (vlog)


RIP (vlog)



Lately I've been pouring more energy into my consulting venture.   Lately I've been exploring new options. Lately I've been questioning  my direction. Lately I've been pondering my dreams. Lately I've been thinking about my passion for travel. Lately I've been searching for new inspiration. Lately I've been praying and sending positive energy out into the universe for family and friends. Lately I've been wondering what the future holds.

What have you been up to lately? 

The Four Agreements

I had an interesting dream the other night. I dreamed that I walked out of my house into stormy weather. The wind was almost hurricane force. I had a lot of trouble making my way back to my open door. Interestingly, a book came flying out the door opening and it was "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. I awakened remembering that I hadn't completed reading this book so I took it as a sign that I should. The Four Agreements is  based on ancient Toltec wisdom and is a practical approach to stress management and personal growth.  I highly recommend it if you haven't already read it. The Four Agreements are:
1. Be Impeccable With Your Word. 2. Don't Take Anything Personally. 3. Don't Make Assumptions. 4. Always Do Your Best.
Sounds fairly simple but as you delve into the book you'll see that changing the way you think about things or how you react to things and people isn't so easy. The book elaborates on each agreement and assists you in how to s…