I just sent this letter out to some of my friends which pretty much expresses my feelings about Google+:

Subject:  Come'on in the water is fine

I'm now at Google+ and am preferring it (so far) over Facebook.  I'm not saying that I am totally abandoning Facebook because obviously you still see me posting there and I still have client accounts that I manage there. But the whole thing about everybody being my "friend" in Facebook didn't make sense.  Many are coworkers, some are family, some are acquaintances, and a select few are true friends. I've even had some friends who deactivated their Facebook accounts out of shear frustration over privacy concerns or the clunkiness of it's interface.  Then there are my Twitter folks that I never invited into my Facebook in the first place because I wanted to separate my global contacts with the locals.  I just didn't feel it necessary, nor did I want to send a blanket message to them all.  

So, I decided to give Google+ a try and I'm loving it!  And to help make my transition easier and keep in touch with all my various connections, I am using a browser extension called SGPlus so that I can view all my streams from within Google+ and even post to Facebook (and other social networks) from there.  In my opinion Google+ is less cluttered, less spammy (hope that continues) and more adult.  I also LOVE Circles and Hangouts.  It just made more sense for me since I was using all things Google anyway (search, YouTube, mail, Picasa, video chat, Docs, Reader, Blogger, etc).  And if you already have a Gmail account, there's nothing more for you to do but visit via your email, click on +YourName, do some invites, and start "circling" and posting fun content.
Oh yeah, there is a mobile version too.

Google+ is still in it's developmental phase (what technology isn't) so there are more cool things to come for it.  If you're reluctant (aka fearful of new social media platforms) and don't know much about Google+, this cute video may help break it down for you.

And check out this cool 'Hangout'...


Hope you give it a try and hope to see you there!

 P.S. I'm not an affiliate marketer for Google, I'm just a big fan. If you need assistance with Google+ or any other social media platforms, just message me and I'll be happy to help!

Google+ image from TFTS


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