Friendship Found But Not Lost

Do you have any close friendships where you don't keep in touch on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis? 

Well, I have a few friendships like this where there may even be a year or more time between our contact.  It's amazing how all of that time can go by, but once we reconnect, it's as if no time ever passed. Of course there is lots to catch up on but what I mean is, there is the feeling that we haven't lost the deeper connection.

If you have a friendship like this, feel free to leave a comment and share. It's not an easy thing to explain but it's a beautiful thing to know that the spiritual connections remain regardless of time and space. Ironically, today I reconnected with a very close friend after a long time and it inspired me to post on this topic.

For all of my friends whom I share this special bond with, I love you and look forward to the next time we meet again.


  1. As I get older, my real friends become lesser and can be counted on 1 hand. I may not get to see my 2 true girlfriendd often, in fact its been 5 years since I've seen SKC but through the net and prayer; I stay connected. She has seen me through so much and though i do not have her phsycially near; spiritually she has been right by my side. Months can go by without hearing her voice but I never feel as if she is far away.


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