We Are the World

Okay, I couldn't decide whether to post this here or to my Newz_Junkie blog because it's both inspirational and entertaining so I've posted it to both.
If you want to smile, feel goosebumps rise on your skin, or possibly even shed a tear, watch this remake of "We Are The World". This is NOT the recently remade celebrity version for Haiti relief. This is a collaboration by Lisa Lavie of 57 artists from all over the world. I love the fact that everyone is SO different. This video shows great talent and the beautiful diverse collage of our world. After you watch it, be sure to play it again and click directly on the video screen over the artist that you want to know more about. It will then take you to their web page where you can hear more of their music. Many of them have remade other songs and those are really good as well.  Check it out and be inspired!


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