Dr. Ian Smith's 'Happy'

It's the start of another month and we are in the thick of Summertime.  The heat is on!  I've been staying cool though and taking each day in stride.  Choosing my battles and trying to remain balanced in all things.  
This morning I saw a segment on Good Morning America with Dr. Ian Smith.  He has a new book out called "Happy".  This is a topic that I have posted about a few times.  I know there are a lot of people going through some tough times but you CAN be happy in the midst of challenges.  Here are some boosters from his book that I actually already practice that will help bring you happiness.

  • Commit 5 Acts of Kindness Each Week
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal
  • Write Someone a Thank You Letter and Visit
  • Spend Money on Someone Else
  • Strengthen and Deepen Personal Relationships
  • Develop a Spiritual Life
  • Forgive

  • Each week perform three of the above happiness boosters.
  • Each week read an article about a person, place, or thing that you don't already know.  
  • Each month encourage someone to do better or feel better or believe in himself or herself.
  • Identify two or three people who you've had an unpleasant interaction with and have yet to forgive. Call them up or visit them and forgive them in person.


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