Woman Endures Acid Attack /**Update** It's a Hoax!

** Update 9/17/10 **
There has been a recent report that this woman filed a false report. She was not attacked by acid but inflicted the wounds upon herself.
She obviously has serious issues and was just looking for attention. There seems to be quite a bit of that going on these days. Some people will do any and everything to get it.  I truly hope that she gets the mental help that she needs.  And as far as everything I said in my previous post, I'll have to take it all back because she's a fake!

 **Original post**

I normally post "news" on Newz_Junkie's Blog but this story touched me in more than a current events way.  When 28 year old Bethany Storro was met with an acid attack to her face she endured great pain and emotional damage.  But even through this she is showing a lot of strength.  She speaks of how she normally does not wear sunglasses because she does not like them but just minutes before the attack bought a pair and had them on which saved her eyesight (coincidence? I think not).  She also says how blessed she is to have the support of family and friends around her.  She even speaks of forgiveness.  Please check out the video of her below.

How would you react if this happened to you?  Would you be filled with fear and vengeance? Or would you be resilient and able to recognize the blessings in the midst of all the pain and suffering? 

This is a young woman who is demonstrating great faith and courage.  The positivity she exudes despite the horrific act committed against her is a testament of her will to move forward.  I believe that she will heal quickly because of this.  


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