Time Wasters

Sometimes you have to know when to let go and fire a client.

Recently I had a prospective client buzzing around me wanting to feel me out for my services.  He's sort of a jack of all trades (you know the type) that approached me about building a website for him as well as needing advice on other business matters.  So after a short discussion letting him know how I work, my fees, and contract, I told him that I would follow up with a formal meeting request so that we could discuss his needs in further detail.  Oh, there's one other detail I forgot to mention, we work together.  So every time I would set an outside appointment for us, he would ask for a reschedule BUT would continue to stop by my office frequently throughout the week for several weeks to ask me for input on his side business.  Now I entertained this a couple of times but quickly figured out where this was going...NOWHERE!

So today after another approach of "hey can you take a look at my brochure?", I said "Bu-Bye!" to him.  The look of shock on his face was classic but really he shouldn't be surprised that any business person would allow things to continue in that way.  I want to respect your time so please don't disrespect mine.  Time is money!


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