The Passing of a Friend

Yesterday I attended the memorial of a truly good woman who was a very close friend of our family.  She was so close that I considered her my aunt.  Although I really feel that no one dies before their time, this is a woman that I wish could have stuck around a lot longer.  I learned by all the people who stood and spoke about her and their experience with her that she impacted them in great ways.  She loved, taught, inspired, and sacrificed for so many and it was a beautiful thing to witness the testimonies of friends, family, and colleagues.  One of the great things about my aunt was that no matter what she may have been going through personally, she never let it hold her back from her goals or from helping others.  Her attitude was a perfect example of how we should all be.  She was always positive and was a woman of great faith...such a great role model.  Saying goodbye to her was yet another reminder that we do not know when our time is up.  The constant messages of the service were to slow down, put aside differences, appreciate and communicate as much as you can with loved ones.  Life is short so make every moment count. 

"Our lifetime is a flash of lightning in the sky, like a dance, like a torrent rushing by a steep mountain - impermanent.  Make it precious" - Deepak Chopra


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