Displaced Anger

Have you or someone you know ever had an over reaction in anger to a seemingly minor situation?  I admit that I have and have experienced this from others many times.  I saw this news story today of an extreme case.  Click below to check it out...

This type of anger is a sure sign that there is much that lies beneath the emotional surface.  It's almost always about something else and not that particular situation at hand.  That is when your anger is “displaced".
Recognizing this in yourself is the first step to correcting the behavior.  Step back and self examine.  Look deep inside yourself and the things that are going on in your life and know that this is not the best way to react for yourself or others.  A better way to react may be to try distancing yourself as to not take things out on others.  Practice taking deep breaths to calm yourself to see the situation as it truly is.  If you catch yourself in the midst of bad behavior, then immediately acknowledge it with the other person and express your apologies. 
If you are on the receiving end of an attack, this is the time to show compassion and know that it is more than just that situation that is going on.  Remaining calm and not over reacting by matching that negative energy will help to cool down the situation.  


  1. Totally uncalled for and hopefully they feel badly about how they behaved


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