Excitement is Building

We just got word about our Buddy Passes to Lima so the time is drawing near for travel!  Chris has been working really hard and I'm so glad that he will finally be able to have some down time to rest, relax, and enjoy himself. He deserves it!
I know in these economic times it isn't easy to take time off for a vacation but there are some real health benefits of travel even if it's to a nearby destination.  Travel breaks the monotony, relieves stress, creates memorable experiences, enables you to meet new people from around the world, exposes you to new cultures, and provides quality time with your partner.  These are all things I look forward to whenever we have the opportunity to get away.  We will be on a shoestring budget but it doesn't matter because we will make the most of it.  I thank God for every opportunity we get to travel.  It's an exhilarating experience to get out of your usual daily routines and do something totally different in a totally different environment.  Taking the time to free the mind and body from the daily grind is important.  That way you return refreshed and ready to fight the good fight again.  I also love the feeling of returning home after being away.  Being away sometimes makes you appreciate home even more.  


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