3 Weeks Out

I've completed 3 weeks of my hiatus from the work world and I'm feeling good. I couldn't have told you a few months ago that I'd feel comfortable in this position but it's been a pleasant surprise. It's amazing how much of life you miss when you're so consumed and distracted with work. I've been able to catch up on rest, reading, and connecting with family and friends. And it's amazing how many blessings have flowed my way. When life is too busy, it moves much faster. Before you know it, you've missed out on meaningful moments that you can never get back. This has definitely been a time of reflecting and prioritizing.

What's on your top 5 list of important things in life? How much power are you giving those things that shouldn't mean as much? Here's one way to measure. Close your eyes and imagine that it is your last day on this earth and you only have a few hours left. Where would you like to spend those last moments and with whom? I bet you didn't say "at work".


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