Digging Deeper

Starting out on a new journey has always been exciting to me. As a lover of research and travel, it just comes natural to me to explore new places and ideas. The type of journey that I happen to be on right now is a journey of rediscovery. I have spent many years helping businesses promote themselves through multimedia advertising and it has been a wonderful experience. But now I'm wanting more. Needing more. I need to dig down further now and work below the surface a bit and discover my true calling.

One of my sources right now assisting me on this journey is through Ken Davis Coaching. I'm in the initial stages and working on a "Values Assessment Exercise". This exercise will help me recognize and understand what value system I have chosen to live by. It will help me to discover what drives me and why I do or do not accomplish the things on my agenda. The purpose of doing the values assessment is to clarify and remind yourself and even discover what is important to you and what you believe! It is a highly revealing reference point that can be used to recall who you truly are and what you truly represent. It makes the decision making process simpler when used as a reference point. It facilitates personal integrity, in the face of outside pressure by people who may want you to be someone you are not. Personal congruency between your inner and outer life is the result.

If you're interested in knowing more check out their website at http://www.kendaviscoaching.com/.

This journey of rediscovery is one that I am looking forward to very much. There is no telling where it will take me!


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