Calming Down

I'm well into my first week of freedom from the work world and I have to say that it is very nice so far. Taking this hiatus for positive reflection and to regroup is just what I needed. Having more time for my husband, family, my work outs, and to work on all those incomplete projects around the house have been keeping me quite busy. But, keeping busy has never been a problem for me because there is always something to do. Actually my challenge is being comfortable with slowing down.

I'm currently reading a good book called "A Gift of Inner Peace". It's contents include, karma, kindness, letting go, a good life, faith, change, regret and resolve, and patience. It features inspirational quotes and practical meditations and speaks directly to me in my journey to calm the anxieties of the hectic life I have led over the years. The practice of meditation promotes a peaceful and healthy existence which is what I am striving for.

You can never really escape all stress in life but learning to manage it by not letting emotions rule the day is one of the paths to peace and harmony. This is what I will be working on in the coming weeks and months.


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