Blog Therapy

I was just thinking that since I've turned to blogging how therapeutic it has been. So I decided to do a little research to see what has been said out on the net about it.
Scientific American magazine reported that there is research that writing about personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings helps people cope with stress, improves memory and sleep, boosts the immune system, and speeds healing after surgery. So I guess that's why blogging is so popular all over the internet. It's really just an electronic journal.

I'm fairly new to blogging but decided to create two. The Changing Direction blog is mainly for personal reflection and self improvement. It's where I keep myself inspired and hopefully inspire others who happen upon it. My Newz_Junkie blog has to do with my love of media and is a mashup of current events and various interests. One thing I've noticed from reading many of the blogs out there on the net is that absolutely nothing is off limits and there is money to be made.
Optimizing a blog for search engines and promoting through social media helps with gaining popularity. That's where you can cross over into being an internet marketer and make money. Depending on your content and who you partner with will determine how much money you can make. I'm easing into that just a bit but mostly enjoying the therapeutic effects for now.


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