Who's the Boss?

Each morning that I wake up, I realize more and more that I made the best decision to take a corporate world hiatus. It isn't just about having time for leisure. It's time for self improvement both mentally and physically. Being my own boss is growing on me and I've actually worked into a mini routine as of late. Most mornings I am up before 8am and dressed by 9am. I go into our home office and get caught up on news, emails, and social media. Each day I have projects I'm working on, financials, chores, and on certain days I'm out running errands and hitting the gym.
One of the biggest things to get used to of course has been being fully dependent on my husband for income. That's a hard thing to do when for all of our marriage I've brought in the "other half". Although we planned for this, it has still taken a little getting used to. But so far, so good. I have to say that he's been great about it. It sometimes seems as if he's enjoying it. Maybe it's sort of an ego boost for him to bring home all the "bacon". Plus he sees that I'm happier and more able to tend to him in a lot more ways than in the past. My plan is, as always, to remain positive and move forward. I'm very enthusiastic and excited about the future. 2010 will rock!


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