Finding Your Blind Spot

When I say blind spot, I'm not referring to that area that is out of your peripheral vision while driving. I'm talking about your psychological blind spot.
I learned about this a few years ago and a blind spot is essentially the inability to see characteristics in ourselves that are obvious to those around us.

An example I've heard is, just like a fish can't see the water it's swimming in, you can't always clearly see or evaluate a situation that you may be in. It takes someone with a different perspective to point it out. Someone on the outside can see pitfalls and even opportunities that you can't see. They can see them, ironically, because they aren't immersed in them every day.

So, who can help you out with this? Well, different perspectives can come from a number of sources. The best people to seek for this are those who aren't involved deeply with you or who don't have an agenda for example a life coach. But be prepared because it takes an open mind and someone who is open to receive constructive feedback because truths are pointed out that you may be uncomfortable admitting to yourself. The wonderful parts about it though are the "Ah-ha!" moments that occur. It can be literally like a light switch being turned onto the situation. When someone is on the outside looking in, they can see things and point things out to you that have been way too close to you. Discovering the blind spots is a process that can get you un-stuck so that you can get out of our own way and progressively move in a forward direction and be successful in all areas of life.


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