Reflections on the Haiti Earthquake Tragedy

Just 5 days ago a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. I've watched round the clock news coverage and as each day unfolds, the images have been gut wrenching. There are estimates that there may be over 100,000 dead. But throughout it all I am also seeing so much good. I am deeply moved had how so many around the world are mobilizing and going to the aid of this small poor country. The rapid response has been phenomenal. Many who cannot go there physically to help are doing so through donations. I was amazed to hear that over $10 million has been raised by text message campaigns alone.


Although I feel sorry for those who are suffering there I see so much hope and promise. The outpouring of help that is being showered upon them is a great blessing. I'm amazed at how resilient the people of Haiti are. Just 2 days after the quake, in the midst of death, destruction, and despair they set up makeshift tent areas and marched in faith. Their show of strength should inspire us all.


It may be a long way away from now but I look forward to seeing the people of Haiti rebuild their lives into a thriving society. They are our neighbors and we should all wish them to be productive and prosperous. God Bless the people of Haiti. Better days are ahead. May you continue to believe, have faith, and inspire.


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